Secret to High Earnings with Low Investment

Have you ever come across a website or app that allows making huge money online? No, it is not a joke and various earning real money online methods exist. Each method has its own merry concept based on different criteria’s and restrictions taken into consideration before making it possible for a person to earn a ton of money easily from their comfort zones. Irrespective of age and field, many independent internet marketer professionals, unemployed or college students create online money earning websites. The increased money earning websites has given rise to frauds also making the public invest a high sum of money before they can achieve something in return, whereas genuine earning portals also exist. With websites based, more on the concept of earning helps people with easy to understand details and fun activities based revenue generation and appealing designs and infographics. Whether you have the same module for your business or the plans are such that makes you want to invest in the business, it is economical with low investments and high returns for every website owner.

Let us discuss a few points over how to earn money online understanding some of the tried and tested formulas help in high-income generation leading to profits.

  • Affiliate Marketing:

The basic concept of promoting other companies or products on your portal and earning through the commission module describes Affiliate marketing. New products and ventures launch on a daily basis, giving rise to the need for promotions and competence in the market. Every brand, product or concepts need promotion for their growth, digital marketing, and online presence taking a toll over any other hard copy promotion concept, makes it all the more important for enterprises to opt in for affiliate marketing. The promotional cost is comparatively low through the concept of affiliate marketing and the product gets a high viewership and engagement through websites with high PR (Page Rankings). Companies are in search of known and high PR portals and connect automatically to such websites for promoting individual brands or products. Websites demand low investment with strong options to make money online.

For Example: If a product of “A” website promoted on “B” website, the referral links coming from “B” to “A” account as visitors of “A” website. For each referral link or click, there is a fixed amount ensuring earning money for “B” website holder.

  • Ad Sense Integration: Yet, another popular way of generating income is by displaying ads on the website. For an ad, create a banner depicting product details, a link to the successor, and the company selling the product. Once the banner is ready, use Google Ad Sense and place the ad on your website, giving rise to easy earning money from home, since Google pays for every click on the banner. Many professionals invest time for the banner as their part time job and Ad Sense creation for small-scale companies.

Note: Google pays and serves ads to websites with high PR for each click on the banners.

  • The concept of Network Marketing: Usually, people have heard of multi-level marketing, but the concept knowledge is limited to few. The basic formula behind MLM is the referral program attracting high income, profits and revenue generation for the company and members both. A one-time investment is required for a company to build the entire money distribution tree, and later on have a full-fledged venture with professionals to give complete back-end support to the members, wherein the members of the company benefit from adding members to the company’s network marketing program through an automatically generated personal refer code. Joining any network structure can be free or have a minimal annual cost attached to them, and fixed commissions at every level or activity completed bonus and incentives on the portal.


Therefore, ‘1’ being the parent signs up on an App or website, receives a code and earns Rs 100 welcome bonus. ‘A’ shared Refer ID on social apps; inviting friends to install register the app using A’s refer ID.

A’s earning = Rs. 100 at the time of sign up + (no. of members signed up through the code) x100.

Note: The same procedure applies to each member.

These are the basic formulas for making money online through revenue generating app or website and create a secure future for further enhancements and developments. Stay tuned for more earning and saving modules.


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HappyPesa is a secure & rewarding interface for various Online Payments, Affordable API, Website& Mobile development services, with added benefits of networking plans & earning options designed for your benefits.
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